Ask Your Excel Question – New Video Series – How to create drop down list in Excel

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Welcome to a new series ‘Ask Your Excel Question’.

In this series, I provide solutions (with video demos) to questions that I receive from our community. These videos will be short and to the point, addressing a specific feature or concept or a formula. If you would like to be notified of these videos, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

If you would like to ask your own questions, please post them in the YouTube Channel. I will do my best to answer.

In our first episode of the series, we see how we can create a simple drop down list in Excel.

Video (How to create drop down list in Excel)


Free Course on Excel Charting – Closes on Apr 21st

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One of the commonly used methods of data visualization in Excel is a Chart. Excel offers many types of Charts and they can be harder to understand initially.  This is why I am so excited to share with you a resource to get you started with Excel Charts.

My friend Chandeep who runs the website has launched a new free course Excel Charts – A Beginner’s Guide!


Excel Charts - A Beginners Guide - Free Course
Excel Charts – A Beginners Guide – Free Course


You will learn the following in this well designed course.

  • Building Chart Selection Skills
    • Major types of charts in Excel
    • Picking up the right chart for different types of analysis
  • Chart Options & Terminologies
    • Learning the correct terminologies that Excel used for Charts
    • Learning the different charting options (tools and tabs) available in Excel
  • Charting Tricks and Formatting
    • Charting speed tricks to work a lot faster
    • Best chart formatting practices
    • How to pick the right colour for your charts


The course is absolutely free but you have to enroll and complete the course before 21st April.

The course should take just about an hour to complete, but what you learn will be invaluable to your effectiveness in Excel.

Please click the link below to enroll in this free course while it’s still open.


Excel Charts – A Beginners Guide!

Free Excel Course – Exercise Files available now

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57 exercise files associated with the free Excel Course ‘Useful Excel for Beginners have been uploaded. They are available as one zipped file (3.4 MB) to download. You can use these files to follow along the course which is an on-demand video based course. The entire course is available for free.

Please visit the course page Useful Excel for Beginners.

Useful Excel for Beginners – Course

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If you are interested in learning Microsoft Excel, you can try my course ‘Useful Excel for Beginners’. This course has been developed with beginners in mind. If you have never used Excel before or if you are a beginner level user, you will find the course useful. 

The course includes 89 videos running for 9.5 hours and you can follow along at your own schedule. It covers topics that I believe will get you started with Excel and make you an effective user. 

Please see the brief video (also on YouTube) below for an overview of the course. 

Where to sign up?

For more details about this course, please visit the course page