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Calculating Diversity Percentage % in Excel

Calculating Diversity Percentage % in Excel

The value of diversity in employees has been recognized and appreciated more in recent times. Diversity in all aspects is good for a company. In this article, I will explain how you can calculate a Diversity Percentage % KPI for your company. I will use Racial Diversity in my example below. However, this concept can […]

Calculating Average Employee Tenure in Excel

Calculating Average Employee Tenure in Excel HR KPI Avg. tenure

In this article, we will calculate a common HR KPI – Average Employee Tenure, using simple formulas in Excel. Data Let’s assume the dataset has a list of employees with a Status column to indicate Active vs Inactive employees. The table is converted to an Excel Table with name T_EMP Definition Tenure is the time […]

Ask Your Excel Question – New Video Series – How to create drop down list in Excel

Welcome to a new series ‘Ask Your Excel Question’. In this series, I provide solutions (with video demos) to questions that I receive from our community. These videos will be short and to the point, addressing a specific feature or concept or a formula. If you would like to be notified of these videos, please […]