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This page will provide the support information for the Rental Business Manager Excel Template. You will find links to articles and video tutorials on how to use the template. I am continuing to add material to this page. Please post any questions in the comments section below. I will be happy to answer.

The second version of this template was published in Oct 2016. Thanks to everyone who used the first version and gave valuable feedback. 

Before we get started

Introduction and Overview of Rental Business Manager

Initial Setup

We will go through a few simple steps to initially set up the template for our specific rental business. Click here to read the Initial Setup steps.

  • Enter Business Information
  • Enter Asset Categories
  • Enter Assets in Assets sheet
  • Enter Customers’ info in Customers sheet
  • Review and set up Invoice sheet
  • Set Currency

Entering orders

Entering rental order information is done in 2 steps. We can check availability of assets, before entering an order and after. How to enter rental Orders in template?

View Calendar

The template has a built-in calendar that allows viewing the availability of our rental assets. Let’s learn more about the Rental Availability Calendar.

View/Print Invoice

The template can create invoices on demand based on the order details we have previously entered. Just type in an order number. You can also export the invoice to PDF or print. Learn all about invoices.

Finance Management

Rental Business Manager template enables simple and effective finance management for rental businesses. We have options to enter taxes and discounts. We can track payments made by customers on orders. In addition, we can also record operational business expenses. Learn about finance management features for rental businesses..


Reporting in Rental Business Manager Excel template is fully automated and very extensive. We have reporting to help us get an accurate view of business performance in multiple areas (inventory, sales & finance) from multiple dimensions (product and Customer). Reporting is available on inventory levels, accounts receivable, monthly metrics, top and bottom performing product and top performing customers. All about reporting.

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  • Hi, I cannot seem to find where to specify/enter prices of assets?

    • Thanks for purchasing.
      Price of renting assets will be in the Order Details sheet. It will be entered for each order.
      Please let us know if there are any questions.
      Best wishes.

  • I have the rental manager. In adding my inventory into assets, when I got to line 115, it stopped having the drop down to choose asset category. I right clicked, there was an option to “pick from drop down list”, clicked that, it only showed the categories I had already entered on the assets page and not all the categories I entered on the settings page. It worked fine until I got to line 115…

    • Thanks for using the template.
      There should not be any limit to the number of assets. Did you copy/paste the data from another source. If we do, then it may override the drop down functionality. We should only paste as values when we paste.
      I have emailed you. Can you please reply with the file? I can take a look and see what is happening.
      Best wishes,

  • Hi,

    Order Total Information (6 fields) section of the invoice – is it possible to add the values of “PAID AMOUNT” as well as “DUE AMOUNT” to the options in the dropdown?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for purchasing.
      It is possible to add PAID AMOUNT and DUE AMOUNT in the top header section. You can just choose those fields from the drop down.
      To add to the Order Total section, it would require writing some formulas.
      I will email you this information.
      Thanks. Best wishes.

      • Thanks for purchasing. Weekly rate is not supported by default in the template. It would require some custom development.
        We also need to define what to do with partial weeks, etc. I will follow up by email.
        Thanks & Best wishes.

  • how do i unlock the template i can see the unlock password but don’t know where to enter it? i have no calculated fields in my template is this because it is not unlocked?

    • Password is not necessary for the template to work. If we need to modify the functionality, only then we will need password. Please see this article for how to unprotect sheets:
      Calculated fields’s values will appear after the first row of input data is entered.
      I have also responded by email. Best wishes. Thanks.

  • I just purchased this and I’m playing around with it. I have some items with multiple quantities. Such as, I have 200 white chairs, but some days I only rent 100 white chairs, how can this form be edited to reflect a qty?

    • Thanks for purchasing. I have emailed you a version that will allow handling multiple units of assets. Please let me know if there are further questions. Thanks & Best wishes.

    • Please clarify what you mean by ‘calculated total’. The template can calculate whether a specific product is rented out or available as of any given date. Thanks. Best wishes.

  • I have tried to change the languages to danish, but something goes wrong with the calculation. Is there another way to do this without interrupt the calculations?

    • Thanks for purchasing.
      Thanks for emailing me the file. I use pivot tables and when column names are changed, pivot tables break. I went and rebuilt the pivot tables with new field names you had created. Please test and let me know if everything works as designed. Best wishes.

  • Sorry, I actually posted this under the wrong template. It should have be under the Retail Inventory. When I use the find feature it says it can’t find or if I use replace it says it is password protected. What I have is product numbers that have changed by the manufacture but still have stock under the old number. What I would like to do is to find and replace all the old numbers to the new number to have the correct inventory.

    • Password to unlock is provided in the SETTINGS sheet (cell H18). If you need help, please email me the file at I will do my best to help.


  • Is there a way to find and replace a product? It says that it can’t find a product but I know it is there. I have several products that the manufacture has changed the product number on and would like to be able to update the entire workbook.


    • Yes, Excel’s Ctrl+F should open up the Find and Replace dialog box which could be used to find any text and replace it with another test. If there are any questions, please email me the file at indzara @ gmail.
      Thanks & Best wishes.


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