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Report Card – Basic (Free Excel Template)

Student Report Card Excel Template

Report Card Excel Template


The purpose of this template is to automate creation of student report cards and provide meaningful academic performance information to teachers and instructors, with minimal effort. I believe this would be useful for schools and other educational institutions, conducting tests or assessments for their students.




Report Card Settings – Report Card Excel Template

This is where you would enter your school and class information. Also, you would enter the ‘% Required to Pass’. In the screenshot above with the sample data, I have used 40% as % required to pass. This allows the template to automatically highlight any marks which are less than 40% with a red font so that it’s easy for the teacher to identify failures.

In many scenarios, students’ final marks are calculated based on assessments or tests throughout the academic year. In such scenarios, weights are assigned to each test and final marks are calculated based on those weights. This template accommodates that set-up. You can choose up to 12 tests and you can assign a weight to each test and the total of the weights should be 100%. The template is very flexible. For example, if your final marks are based only on the last test you conduct, you would assign 100% weight to the last test and 0% weight to all other tests. 

If you do not have the need to calculate final marks, please choose No in the drop-down menu as shown in the image below. This would make sure that the final marks will not be displayed anywhere in the template.

You can choose up to 12 subjects. Please make sure that the subject names are unique. 


Report Card Entry- Report Card Excel Template


Class View – Report Card Excel Template

This is where you enter the student names, their roll numbers and the marks they scored in each subject in each test. This sheet automatically adjusts based on the number of tests and subjects you have entered in the Settings worksheet. 

Enter Maximum Marks for each test. This is crucial for calculation. If you don’t enter this, you would see errors.


Subject View – Report Card Excel Template

Choose a subject from the drop down menu and this view presents each student’s performance in that subject during the course of the academic year. This allows the teacher to understand how the class is performing in that subject.


Student View – Report Card Excel Template

Choose a student from the drop down menu and this view presents the performance of that student in all subjects across all the tests. 

Calculation Logic

This excel result sheet download is simple and effective in managing the student report of a class of 50 students. I hope you find the result card format in excel template useful. Please share your feedback on whether the marksheet format in excel template captures the requirements of your scenario. I can make the necessary changes so that the template can be used by as many people as possible.

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