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I am glad to announce a special offer for our customers.

Buy one product and get equal value for free by simply posting your honest review.

Buy One Post Review Get One Free
Buy One Post Review Get One Free


For example, if you pay $25 for a product and post a review using steps outlined below, you will receive a US$25 discount coupon that you can use on your next order. Effectively, in this example, you can choose any one or more products totaling US$25, for free.

This offer is not limited to 1 per customer. If you buy 2 products and post 2 reviews, you will receive 2 coupon codes. 🙂

Please read below for how you can avail this special offer.


  1. Buy one of the premium products from the store
  2. Use the product and write a review on the product page (reviews are shown on the right side bar of the product page)
    • Only logged in customers can submit reviews. Please log in to your account using the email address you used while purchasing.
  3. Within one business (Mon to Fri) day, you will receive an email with the coupon code which you can use to receive a discount equal to the paid amount.


The review form is very simple and only asks for the rating (out of 5 stars) and review (free text).  Please see image below. This offer is valid regardless of whether it is a positive review or negative. 🙂

INDZARA Product Review Page

INDZARA Product Review Page

The feedback will be very helpful for us to continue to develop useful products.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or e-mail me at

130 thoughts on “Buy One, Post Review and Get One Free Template


    1. Thanks!!!

  2. sir we are oil pack jar so we have may type of product like 1 ltr, 2 ltr, 5 ltr , and 15 ltr ,15 kg , many names product produced so how to manage inventory order labile etc and stock till date because BOM is so many items included in packaging item video can be help but we want purification in stock label can you help or can make sheet my oil sector inventory many kind of products mixed and proses in bom help me how to manage inventory actual label

    manoj mishra
    mo no 9807239229 or 7905210242

    1. Hello

      We are not able to understand your query. Please clarify with an example if possible.


  3. Purchased Recruitment Manager – Excel Template, works like charm, A Big thank you! loved it

    1. Thanks for using our template and sharing positive feedback.

      Please share your ratings and review at We will issue you a coupon of an equivalent amount once your review is approved.

      Best wishes

  4. I but one product but when I go to my profile. is not showing there!!

    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      Since the account was created days after the purchase was made, they were not linked together. Now, I have linked the order to the profile.
      Please let us know if there are any questions.
      Thanks & Best wishes.

  5. thank you very much.

    1. You are welcome

      1. I have seen the concept of project planning. And task mgmt is awesome. Great Tool to optimize the time with 100% effective .

        1. Thanks

  6. Many thanks for your wonderful product. As of now, I’m starting my own small business and this product is suited for me. My business is projected to grow bigger, I would be needing more support from you. I will continue to give you some updates where areas need to be updated and need changes. Is there any product you have with regards to Sales representative % commission monitoring? Your kind response would be greatly appreciated. Btw, how can I avail the free coupon ? Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for purchasing. I am glad to hear that the template is useful.
      Please post your review on the product page (right sidebar).
      You will receive the coupon code within 1 business day.
      Best wishes.

  7. HELLO
    I have purchased mfg inventory and sale template.
    Its a great template. But still its still missing few minor things.
    1. It should have a dedicated tab for todays manufactured goods. It should not be mixed with order details. As i keep goods ready even without orders.
    2. There is lack of few things like. Monthly electricty, labour, scraps etc. I suggest you should add a dedicated tab for monthly and one time expence.
    3. In sales there should be a colum for transpotation charges if any

    I will keep updating and posting review as i see any possible updation during using this template.

    Thanks n regards

    1. Hello

      Thank you for your feedback.

      If finished products are manufactured and held as inventory, we can use the MFG order type.
      Expenses and profit calculations would be added in the next version.
      Thanks for the feedback. We will consider your feedback when we work on the next version of this template.

      Best wishes

      1. Wow when will this be?

  8. thank you for the great product. this is exactly what I have been searching for. I have purchased as I type.

    1. Thanks

  9. I would like to receive Project Manager (Advanced) – Excel Template,

    1. Hello

      Thank you for your interest.

      Please purchase the template from

      Best wishes

  10. This is very practical and simple to use excel base program, easy to use and can get
    started very fast.

    1. Thank you Gautam

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