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How to add Event Location and Time to Calendar

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The following video demonstrates how to add Location and Time to calendars using Event Calendar Maker Excel Template. We will be using the Event Name field to store other information such as location and time so that they get displayed on the Yearly, Monthly and Weekly calendar designs.





  • Hi, I am needing to have the event start and end time listed in a separate column so I can total all of the time spend for the month in each event calendar below the monthly calendar. I am also needing to add a column for event cost so I can total that as well. Both of these need to appear on the monthly event calendar. What would be the formula that I would use in these added columns to get the table to work properly?

    • You can enter the End Time in the Custom Col 1 provided. Then, we can enter a formula in Custom Col 2 or a new column. The formula would be the difference between end time and start time. To convert into hours it would be = (end time – start time)*24

      We can enter cost in Custom Col 2 or a new column.

      Custom Col 1 and Custom Col 2 can be displayed easily in the Daily Calendar sheet. To add them to Monthly calendar designs would require complex formulas and hard to write up here.

      I will send the above information to your email as well. Thanks & Best wishes.


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