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This page will provide the support information for the Rental Business Manager Excel Template. You will find links to articles and video tutorials on how to use the template. I am continuing to add material to this page. Please post any questions in the comments section below. I will be happy to answer.

The second version of this template was published in Oct 2016. Thanks to everyone who used the first version and gave valuable feedback. 

Before we get started

Introduction and Overview of Rental Business Manager

Initial Setup

We will go through a few simple steps to initially set up the template for our specific rental business. Click here to read the Initial Setup steps.

  • Enter Business Information
  • Enter Asset Categories
  • Enter Assets in Assets sheet
  • Enter Customers’ info in Customers sheet
  • Review and set up Invoice sheet
  • Set Currency

Entering orders

Entering rental order information is done in 2 steps. We can check availability of assets, before entering an order and after. How to enter rental Orders in template?

View Calendar

The template has a built-in calendar that allows viewing the availability of our rental assets. Let’s learn more about the Rental Availability Calendar.

View/Print Invoice

The template can create invoices on demand based on the order details we have previously entered. Just type in an order number. You can also export the invoice to PDF or print. Learn all about invoices.

Finance Management

Rental Business Manager template enables simple and effective finance management for rental businesses. We have options to enter taxes and discounts. We can track payments made by customers on orders. In addition, we can also record operational business expenses. Learn about finance management features for rental businesses..


Reporting in Rental Business Manager Excel template is fully automated and very extensive. We have reporting to help us get an accurate view of business performance in multiple areas (inventory, sales & finance) from multiple dimensions (product and Customer). Reporting is available on inventory levels, accounts receivable, monthly metrics, top and bottom performing product and top performing customers. All about reporting.

Other Topics


  • hello… Just purchased the excel sheet. Pls update on following: –

    1. How to change Currency symbol in excel sheet.

    2. Want the entire financial year in Calender Sheet ( instead of only 30 days calender) How to change that..

    • Thank you for purchasing our template.

      Following are the steps to change currency,

      1. Press CTRL+G and select CURR and click Ok.
      2. Press CTRL+1 -> currency -> Select the required currency.

      Regarding calendar,

      You can duplicate the formula present in the last column to more column by pressing CTRL+D to expand the same but having 365 columns will have an impact on the sheet’s peformance.

      Best wishes.

  • If the material issued are returned in multiple dates
    2) to calculate rent for materials in actual number of days after 30 days
    3) invoice has to be generated every month so any option to calculate

    • Thanks.
      1. The template requires each order to have only one rent out date and return date. If the return date is different, please create as a separate order.
      This is a feature that I should add to the template in a future version.
      2. Invoice can be generated at any time for each order. Select the order number to generate the invoice. It will be order specific and not month based.
      Please let us know if any questions.
      Best wishes.

  • Hi,
    I just purchased the Rental Inventory last night and I am thrilled to be moving forward on my new business adventure. The software is user friendly and is perfect for what I need. Can’t wait to try others.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for purchasing and posting your feedback here.
      We request you to please post your feedback on the product page in the review section where you can rate and review the product.
      We will send the coupon code within 1 business day after the review is posted.
      Please let me know if there are any questions.
      Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. We sincerely appreciate it.

      Best wishes.

    • If an asset has to be removed or added, then please use the ADD_OR_RETIRE_ASSET sheet and enter details there.
      Best wishes.

  • I just reviewed the rental solution I would like to know if we can have multiple users and some access controls as I am away most times so nee limited access for staff . also can I make file available on cloud or other so I can access when I am away?

    • Hello

      Our templates are designed for a single user. You can share the file over Cloud, however, only one person can have full access of it at a time. Also, the person using it will have full access at that time.


  • How can i use it on google sheet??
    Its not working on google sheet. Kindly make compatible to google sheet.

    • Hello

      Our templates are designed to work on Excel. Some of the features will not work on Google Sheets. We are not taking any customized projects now.


  • How can I add asset description to the calendar page? I rent mobility equipment and want to be able to see whats available based on the description without having to write details in the asset name.


    • Thanks. We have to insert a new column next to Asset Name, and write formulas (similar to what we did for Asset name) to bring Asset Description data to the new column.
      Please let us know if there are any questions.
      Best wishes.

  • Hi there, Loving the template so far! I see that the asset price needs to be entered into the order details sheet each time. Is there any way to have a fixed price on each asset (maybe in the assets tab) so I don’t have to keep entering the same price each time? Thank you for your help.

    • Thank you. Glad to hear that you like it.
      If the price will never change for the asset, then we can create a column to store the price in Assets sheet. Then, we can write a simple formula using MATCH/INDEX to bring the price automatically to the Order Details.
      Will the price change?
      Please let us know. You can also email with any details.
      Thanks & Best wishes.

      • No the prices will never change. That would be great to have. Thank You!

        • Thanks.
          Please follow these steps:
          1. Rename a column: In Assets sheet, type PRICE in cell H5 (which is a custom column). Now, you can enter prices in this column. For example, enter price of first asset in cell H6.
          2. In Order_Details sheet, type this formula =INDEX(T_ASSETS[Price],MATCH([@[ASSET NAME]],T_ASSETS[ASSET NAME],0)) in Unit Price column (cell E8).
          This formula has to be entered only once. If the asset name is not present in Assets sheet, then you will see an error #N/A. To avoid error you can use above formula with IFERROR function:
          Please try and let us know if there are any questions.
          Best wishes.


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