Thank you for the support – Milestone: 200th Video on YouTube

I am happy to announce that I have published the 200th video on’s YouTube channel.

Thank you for the support. 200th Video
Thank you for the support. 200th Video

I thought of giving an update on, as we have reached this milestone.  

  • We have reached 200 videos on YouTube. 100+ are just about Excel templates. 90 of them are on the Free Excel Course for Beginners.
  • We have also expanded the product set to 16 premium templates and 25 free templates.
  • Regarding user feedback, we have had 895 comments on this channel, and 1216 on just the free template pages on
  • The premium templates have received 135 actual customer reviews at an average of 4.7 out of 5. 75% of reviews are 5 stars and 99% are 4 or 5 stars.

Thank you to every subscriber to this channel, every person who has downloaded the free templates or purchased the premium ones, every one who has commented on YouTube or on, everyone who took their valuable time and left a product review on the site. I am deeply grateful for the support. I want to thank those who follow on all the other social media channels as well. I am deeply grateful for the support.

I also want to thank all the Excel Experts who have shared their knowledge online and from whom I have learnt whatever I know about Excel. Thank you very much. Without your help, I would not have published so many templates and 200 videos.


For those who are new to our site, here is a quick recap.

What is

The site was founded on the belief that simple tools can be effective too. It’s harder to build simple & effective tools, but their impact is greater.

These simple excel templates are designed to help us with

  1. Making smarter decisions
  2. Saving time by automating manual tasks
  3. Eliminating human errors by leveraging computers
  4. Organizing information and retrieving & using them easily.

So far, I have built templates in the following domains. Small Business, Project Management, Human Resources, Calendars, Data Visualization, School and Personal Finance.

Why should you choose

As a visitor, you can

  1. Find simple and effective products
  2. Use free templates to experience the benefits of such tools
  3. Detailed documentation and video tutorials on both free and premium templates.
  4. Read honest customer reviews on the premium templates and make a decision on whether the templates can help you
  5. If you still have questions, you can contact me and I will respond within 1 business day with feedback.

Once you purchase a premium template,

  1. Download the file immediately
  2. Receive a ‘Getting Started’ email immediately with the info you will need to use the template and get the most out of it
  3. Read general Excel support material posted on the site in the Support section
  4. If you are new to Excel, the videos on the free Useful Excel for Beginners course might be helpful
  5. If you have any questions, you can still email me and I will respond as soon as I can (within 1 business day)
  6. As a valuable customer, you can make use of the special offer: Buy One Write Review and get another product at same or lower price for absolutely free

I want to thank everyone for your support. Please leave a comment with your feedback or suggestions to improve. I look forward to the next milestone. Thank you.

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