Updates planned for Project Planner (Basic)

I have received multiple requests for expanding the Project Planner (Basic) Excel template. Thanks for the feedback. The following are the enhancements I am planning to make to the template. 

  • Increase planning period (currently set as 60 working days)
  • increase number of projects (currently limited to 25)
  • increase number of resources (currently limited to 15)
  • increase number of tasks (currently limited to 150)
  • Increase number of holidays (currently limited to 10)
  • Option to choose paid time off for each resource
  • Option to choose weekends
  • Option to set availability for each resource for each weekday

I will try to expand the template without adversely impacting the performance. If you have any additional comments or suggestions, please enter them in the comments below. 


  • Hi I downloaded the template and entered all the product data.
    Than entered the first purchase and sale transaction.
    The summary of selected items on top I’d not being updated.

    • This blog post is about Project Planner. Are you referring to a different template? Please provide more details.
      Thanks & Best wishes.

  • DO you have a template that has PO, SO, Receipt material, and issue out so keep updating inventory when items are issue out. For example, if I have 20 items in stock (ES20) but someone wants to use these material then I have to issue them out to replenish the material ES20 then excel tells me I have to purchase more items ES20 –

    I think the one created named as Inventory and Sales Management is great but would be nicer if has the availability to receipt material of PO placed then issue them out to know how has used the material I had in stock and placed more order.

    • I am really sorry. I am not following exactly what your specific scenario is. Please elaborate. If this is a common business model, please point me to any resource online so that I can understand.
      Thanks & Best wishes.


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