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Project Pipeline Tracker


This Excel template allows tracking projects and calculating effectiveness in completing them. This is applicable for scenarios where all the projects go through the same set of pre-defined stages in sequence. In a simple example, each building project may have three stages: Plan – Design – Build. Once planning is completed, designing begins and after designing is completed, build begins. We will be tracking the completion of each stage of each project.

It is very simple to use. It can provide visibility to how long it takes for our projects to complete. It can also help identify where the bottlenecks are in our project cycle. We can also view the trends in terms of time each stages takes.

Project Pipeline - Active Pipeline Summary View
Project Pipeline – Active Pipeline Summary View

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REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Excel for Windows (2010 or above); Microsoft Excel for Mac (2011 or above);




The template has only 3 visible sheets. In the Data sheet, we enter our input data and the Active Pipeline sheet and Report sheet have output that is automatically calculated. The Data sheet also has a summary of metrics.


Step 1: Enter stages

By default the template has 6 stages (including the final closing stage).

Project Pipeline Tracker Excel Template - Enter list of stages
Project Pipeline Tracker Excel Template – Enter list of stages


We can rename those stages to meet our business needs. Also, we can remove stages if we don’t need 6. To remove 6th stage, just click on the 6th stage name and press Delete key.


Step 2: Enter Projects

Enter each project in a separate row in the Projects table.

List of Projects and their information
List of Projects and their information

Enter Project ID and Name. Then, enter Start Date of project. The next 6 columns are dates of completing each stage of project.

These Stage DT fields should not be renamed.


Additional fields to track for projects
Additional fields to track for projects


The two columns (Type, Owner) are optional and can be used to store other information as you need. These can be renamed.

The last four columns in the table are calculated and should not be edited.

Project Pipeline Tracker - Calculated Fields
Project Pipeline Tracker – Calculated Fields


  • CURRENT STAGE Based on the dates entered for each project, the current stage will be displayed. If the project has completed the final stage, then it will display COMPLETED.
  • COMPLETION DATE If the project has completed the final stage, then that date will be displayed.
  • DURATION (DAYS) If the project is completed, the duration from Start Date to Completion Date. If the project is not completed, this is the duration from Start Date to Today.
  • VALIDATION The template checks for a couple of errors. If the dates entered for each stage are not sequential or if there is a date missing in between stages, ERROR will be displayed. Error projects are not included in metric calculations.



We can see an instant summary of the completed projects as we enter data.  Number of completed projects and how long on average a project takes.

Completed Projects - Summary View
Completed Projects – Summary View


We also see how long each stage takes to complete.



The number of projects that are currently being worked on and how many projects are currently in each stage are shown.

Project Pipeline - Active Pipeline
Project Pipeline – Active Pipeline


We can also see the detailed Active pipeline in the Active Pipeline sheet.

Here we can see the (up to 5) projects in each stage as well.

Active Pipeline Report
Active Pipeline Report


The ID, Type and Owner fields are displayed. Even if you rename the fields and use them to store other type of information, they will be displayed in this Active Pipeline sheet.  Thus, it can be modified to your business needs easily.



The Report sheet presents the metrics (Projects Completed, Average Project Duration and Average Duration for each stage) for the past 12 months.

Pipeline Tracker - Monthly Report - Table
Pipeline Tracker – Monthly Report – Table


The information is also presented visually so that we can see how the duration vary over month for each stage.

Pipeline Tracker - Monthly Report - Chart
Pipeline Tracker – Monthly Report – Chart



  • The Active Pipeline and Report sheets are locked with password (indzara) to prevent accidental editing of formulas. You can unprotect them and make edits if needed. Unprotecting sheets
  • Data sheet is not locked. You can edit the shapes and charts as needed as well.


This is the first version of this template. There are many different directions that we can take this template further. As always, I look forward to feedback and suggestions to make this more useful to a lot of people. I will do my best to implement additional features and enhance the template.

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53 thoughts on “Project Pipeline Tracker 2020 – Free Excel Template

  1. I have up to 10 stages on my project it it possible to include all the stages ?

    1. Thanks for using our template.

      The maximum number of stages that this template can handle is six.

      Best wishes

  2. Love the template! Are there any thoughts to enhance the Active Pipeline page to allow more than 5 projects / stage? Would be great to have a report by stage, but need it to include all the projects and not just the first 5. Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback.

      We will try to incorporate your suggestions in future releases.

      Best wishes

  3. Why in monthly report sheet in research column formula with +1 while other column without it.

    1. Thanks.
      Since Excel when calculating the difference of dates (Jan 10, 2019 – Jan 1, 2019) will give 9 days instead of 10 days, we add +1 to the first stage. By this way all the days are included in the time taken.
      Please let us know if any questions.
      Thanks & Best wishes.

  4. Hello this spreadsheet is great and is exactly what I am looking for… however I cant seem to update the active pipeline and the 6 stags properly? I have 15 projects added and its only showing 8 active even though I have already entered dates for all of them

    I cant seem to locate the hidden H sheet?

    Thanks in advance fo your help


    1. Hello

      Please ensure you refresh the pivot tables. If that does not work, please email your file with the list of issues to

      Best wishes

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