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Reporting in Retail Business Manager

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this article, we will cover the reporting available in the Retail Business Manager Excel Template.

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We have extensive reporting automatically generated, to help us get an accurate view of business performance in multiple areas (inventory, sales & finance) from multiple dimensions (product and partner).




There are six pages in the Report sheet.

Current Status

First, we can see the current status of inventory and finance.

Report - Current Status
Report – Current Status


We can see the following metrics.

  • Total inventory on hand Quantity of products currently on hand
  • Total inventory to come Ordered from suppliers already and will reach our inventory in future
  • Total inventory to Go Ordered by customers already and will leave our inventory in future
  • Products to re-order Products whose inventory on hand is <= Re-Order Point (To view such products, we can go to the Products sheet)
  • Inventory Value Value of inventory on hand calculated based on current purchase price of the products on hand
  • Accounts Receivable – Current Amount due from Customers on Orders with Due Date >= Today
  • Accounts Receivable – Past Due Amount due from Customers on Orders with Due Date < Today
  • Accounts Payable – Current Amount due to Suppliers on Orders with Due Date >= Today
  • Accounts Payable – Past Due Amount due to Suppliers on Orders with Due Date < Today


We can also see the breakdown of aging (1 to 30 days, 31 to 60 days, 61 to 90 days, >90 days) of those due amounts.



Now, we move to looking at the past performance of business. First, we select our report start and end dates.

Report - Enter Start and End Dates
Report – Enter Start and End Dates


We leave the REFRESH to be ON, by default.


Report - Summary view
Report – Summary view



All the metrics will be calculated on Orders with Order Date from start date to end date


  • Sales Qty Total of quantity on Sale orders. Considers returns as well.
  • Sales Amount Total Order amount on the Sale orders. Includes product level discounts. Does not include tax, order level charges and order level discounts.
  • Sales Tax Total tax amounts on Sale Orders
  • Qty Returned from Customer Quantity returned by customers
  • Discount Amt Given Total amount of discount given to customers
  • Other Charges Total of Other charges on all Sale orders



  • Purchase Qty Total of quantity on Purchase Orders. Considers returns as well.
  • Purchase Amount Total Order amount on the purchase orders. Includes product level discounts. Does not include tax, order level charges and order level discounts.
  • Tax Total tax amounts on Purchase Orders
  • Qty Returned to Supplier Quantity returned to suppliers
  • Expenses Total amount of expenses from start date to end date
  • Other Charges Total of other charges on all Purchase orders



  • Cost of Goods Sold is the sum of purchase price of products sold. Purchase price is the price of product as of Sale order date.
  • Gross Profit Sales Amount – Cost of Goods Sold
  • Net Profit Gross Profit – Operating Expenses


Monthly Metrics

We can view all the metrics by month for up to 12 months.

Report - Monthly Metrics Table
Report – Monthly Metrics Table


We can choose one of the metrics to update the chart that shows up to 12 months of trend.

Report - Metrics
Report – Metrics


Report - 12 Month Trend Chart - Metrics
Report – 12 Month Trend Chart – Metrics


Products – Top Performers

One of the important pieces of understanding business performance is knowing which products are selling the most and which ones are not. We have 3 ways of measuring sales – Quantity, Amount and Margin. This allows us to understand the true impact of the products to the business.

Report - Choose Sales Metric
Report – Choose Sales Metric


In this sheet, we will see the top 10 product categories and bottom 10 product categories.

Report - Top 10 Product Categories
Report – Top 10 Product Categories


Report - Bottom 10 product categories
Report – Bottom 10 product categories


We can also see the top and bottom performing products.

Report - Top 10 Products
Report – Top 10 Products


Report - Bottom 10 products
Report – Bottom 10 products


Product Performance

In addition to that, we would want to look at a specific product and understand its performance. We can choose a product and see its performance summary during the reporting window.

Report - Product Summary
Report – Product Summary


We can see the current inventory status of the product.

Report - Product Inventory
Report – Product Inventory


We can also see the sales quantity trend by months of that product.

Report - Product Sales Qty - Monthly Trend
Report – Product Sales Qty – Monthly Trend


Partner Performance

Another important aspect to understand is best partners (customers and suppliers).

Report - Top 10 Customers
Report – Top 10 Customers


Report - Top 10 Suppliers
Report – Top 10 Suppliers


We can choose one specific partner and see their details as well.

Report - Partner Performance Summary
Report – Partner Performance Summary


Finally, the Products sheet, the Partners sheet and Order Headers sheet also have useful information that we can filter on to get to the data we need.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


  • How you calculate gross profit? By right have to deduct order discount into it.

    • The gross profit is Sales minus the cost of the goods sold. Any discount you provide in the sales will reduce the gross profit.


    • Hello

      You will be informed when a new version is released. We have not released any updates on this template off late.

      Best wishes

  • The report page shows Top 10 Categories and Top 10 Products. I have extended both lists until 30 categories/products. All products are shown but only until 25 categories. How can I change this to see 30 categories?

    • In the hidden sheet named H_C, there is a table of categories. Please extend that to 30 categories.
      Please email file to if there are further questions.
      Thanks & Best wishes.

  • Hi Indzara
    I’m looking to buy Retail business manager template though I’ve few questions :
    1. Is it possible to add ledger of all my clients in the same template because I’ve continuous credit debit transactions and there is always some outstanding debit ( If yes then how) .
    2. What happens if some day lets say my file gets corrupt ?

    • Thanks.
      All the clients data (orders) can be entered into this template. However, I am not sure what you mean by ledger.
      We recommend you to take backup copies of file regularly and save. In case your current file is corrupt, you can use your previous backup.
      Best wishes.

  • The products seems to work great.
    If there have been updates to the software, how will we be notified and how can we obtain the update?
    Looking forward to being able to print more reports.
    Thanks again

    • Thank you for your positive feedback.

      If there are updates, the updated file is emailed to all existing customers. You will have to move the data to the new file and start using the new file. If you need any help with moving the data, we will help.

      Best wishes

    • Thanks for your interest. The currency format can be changed by the user as needed. It is flexible.
      Please let us know if there are any questions.
      Best wishes.

  • I have been using the template with great success, but I have 1 question.
    Is there a way to print out a report containing the items that need to be reordered?
    Thanks again

    • Hello
      This template does not have this feature. We might incorporate it into the next release.
      Best wishes

  • how to download this template. Retail Business Manager – Excel Template v1 – Invoice and Purchase Orders


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