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For a simple and effective solution to manage the recruiting process and truly understand its performance via effective Recruiting metrics, use this Google Sheets recruiting template to track status of the applicants (candidates) in an organized way. Get an instant view of how many applicants are in the pipeline and where in the funnel applicants are dropping off. You can also easily view the top reasons why candidates were not selected.

This template is designed for Google Sheets, but if you are looking for an Excel template, please visit Recruitment Tracker in Excel.

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Google Sheets- Hiring
Recruitment Tracker Dashboard – Google Sheets- Hiring



Following are the steps:

  1. Copy the template and save in your Google Drive
  2. Enter Settings information
  3. Input candidate or applicant information
  4. View Dashboard
  5. Complete Data Entry after choosing candidate


Click on the link above and then make a Copy of the Sheet as shown in the screenshot below.

Google Sheets Template - Make a Copy
Google Sheets Template – Make a Copy

You can save the copy in your own drive for your use. You can then share the copy with your colleagues if needed.


In the Settings sheet, start by entering Job Title, Recruiter Name and Job Posted (or Hiring Start) Date.

Settings - Enter Job title, start date and recruiter name
Settings – Enter Job title, start date and recruiter name

The template supports 4 recruitment stages before hiring.

Customize 4 Recruitment Stages
Customize 4 Recruitment Stages


You can customize the stages by renaming the default stages.

If you have less than 4 stages, for example 3, please enter only 3 stages as shown below.

Example of 3 Stages in Recruitment pipeline
Example of 3 Stages in Recruitment pipeline

Enter Decline Reasons that are used by your company. These are reasons that you can assign to each candidate that didn’t get selected for the role. Having this information tracked allows understanding the reasons why the candidates are not meeting expectations of the job.

Decline Reasons - 10 values
Decline Reasons – 10 values


Enter the list of applications in the DATA sheet.

Enter Application or Candidates Data
Enter Application or Candidates Data
  • When you enter a new Applicant Name, the table will auto-expand by showing gray background color.
  • Enter Applicant (Candidate) name and dates when the applicant reached each of the four stages. If the applicant does not reach a stage, leave it blank.
  • When a decision is made to not proceed with an applicant, enter CLOSED in the STATUS column.
  • Enter ‘Decline reason’ for candidates who were not selected.
  • Enter Comments if needed.
  • STAGE is a calculated field that tells which stage an applicant is. Please do not edit the formulas.

If you had only 3 stages in your recruitment process, the fourth one will show as below (Hide this column). You can hide the column so that you only see columns relevant to you.

Hide extra column
Hide extra column


When hiring is on-going, the Dashboard sheet will display useful information about the recruitment.

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Hiring
Recruitment Tracker Dashboard – Hiring

You can see the total number of applications, days since Job Posted Date, number of closed and active applications.

The Recruitment Funnel shows how the applicants flow through the recruitment stages. This is helpful to know where applicants are falling off in the process.

The Decline Reasons show the top reasons why candidates are not selected.

Active Pipeline shows the stages where the open applications are currently in.


Once a candidate has been selected, enter the HIRED APPLICANT and HIRED DATE in the SETTINGS sheet.

Hired Date and Applicant
Hired Date and Applicant

The Dashboard will now represent the complete information about this recruitment.

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Google Sheets - Hired
Recruitment Tracker Dashboard – Google Sheets – Hired

The status will change to HIRED and the funnel represents all applications (open and closed).

Please note that the Active applications will still represent all applications that have not been closed. So, please close all applications.

Enter Decline reasons for all applications except the hired one.

Complete data entry after hiring
Complete data entry after hiring

Final dashboard should look like this.

Final Recruitment Dashboard
Final Recruitment Dashboard



The template is designed to be used for tracking recruitment for only one job. If you need to track for a second job, make a copy of the file and use.

Please do not make a copy of the sheet in the same file. It will not work that way.


I will soon be working on a version that will support multiple jobs and positions in one file. Please post your interest in the comments below, if that template will be useful.

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