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Recruitment Tracker 2023 – Free Recruitment Template in Excel

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

Are you in the process of recruiting for an open job/position? If you are looking for a simple and effective solution to manage the recruiting process and truly understand its performance via effective Recruiting metrics, I have good news for you.

Download this simple hiring tracker Excel template to track status of the applicants (candidates) in an organized way. Get an instant view of how many applicants are in the pipeline of this recruiting pipeline template and where in the funnel applicants are dropping off. You can also easily view the top reasons why candidates were not selected using this hiring tracker.

Recruitment Tracking – Simple & Effective.

This Excel template is designed for Microsoft Excel, but if you are looking for a Google Sheet template, please visit Recruitment Tracker in Google Sheets.

Recruitment Dashboard Report – Summary after Hiring


If you are looking for a Google Sheets version, please see Recruitment Tracker for Google Sheets.

Video Demo

To manage multiple jobs with more features, please see the new Recruitment Manager Excel Template.

This recruitment tracker template in excel is very easy to use. Please follow the steps below.

Data Input

Step 1: Enter Job Details

Start by entering the Job Title, Recruiter Name and Job posted date.

Recruitment Dashboard Report – Summary after Hiring

Step 2: Enter the four stages of recruiting

The four stages of hiring are Application, Phone Screen, Interview and Offer. the fifth stage not mentioned in the offer acceptance (hire) stage. You can change the names of these four stages. If you only have three stages, then leave a blank in the fourth stage name.

Step 3: Enter Applicants’ information

Enter Applicants or Candidates Information – Recruitment Tracker 2020
Enter Applications’ Status and Comments – Recruitment Tracker 2020

Step 4: Enter Hired Applicant Name

After a candidate accepts the offer, then enter Hired Applicant and Hired Date information.

Recruitment Tracker 2020 – Enter Hired Applicant and Date

Summary Dashboard

As you enter data, the summary section on the top right updates automatically with the key metrics.

When the job is not filled yet, the metrics will display as below.

Hiring Tracker – Report – Summary During Hiring Process

The status will be displayed on the top left as HIRING.

Number of Applications and Days to Hire (or Days in Hiring) will be displayed at the top.

Hiring Tracker – Number of Applications and Days in Hiring

Recruitment/Candidate Pipeline

You can see the active pipeline (applicants or candidates whose application status is not CLOSED). For example, in the image below, there is 1 candidate in APPLICATION stage, 4 in PHONE SCREEN, 1 in INTERVIEW and 1 in OFFER stages.

Active Pipeline – Recruitment Pipeline

Recruitment Funnel

As you are hiring, the funnel will represent only applicants whose status is CLOSED.

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template – Recruitment Funnel

After a candidate has been hired, the Summary Dashboard changes slightly automatically to reflect the recruiting metrics. You can record that hiring is complete by entering the Hired Applicant name and Hired Date information.

Recruitment Dashboard Report – Summary after Hiring

The summary will display the status as HIRED and will show the Recruitment metrics – Number of Applications and Days to Hire.

Recruitment Tracker – Number of Applications and Days to Hire

After hiring, the recruiting funnel represents all applicants (not just Closed status). This will help identify where the candidates fell off in the funnel stages.

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template – Recruitment Funnel after hiring

The top 3 decline reasons are shown along with %. This is based on applicants where status is CLOSED.

Top Decline Reasons – Recruitment Tracker

Do you find this recruitment report template excel useful? Are there any additional scenarios that would be good to incorporate? Is there anything obvious I have missed? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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If you are looking to manage multiple jobs and get advanced reporting, please try Recruitment Manager Excel Template

How to create recruitment tracking in Excel?

After publishing the free template, I received many requests for step by step instructions/tutorial on how to build this recruitment tracker template and track recruiting in Excel? I developed a 4-part video series explaining every single step of creating this recruitment template.  Please watch the video playlist below.

Watch on YouTube

How do you keep track of an Employee joining a company using Excel?

Recruitment process of an employee doesn’t stop at receiving the offer, it can only complete if the employee successfully joins for work in the company. During the initial stage every employee has to go through a defined process before joining office.

Use a simple checklist to track the employee process.

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