All-Purpose Calendar Maker (Free Excel Template)

I have published a couple of calendar templates earlier. The Custom Calendar (U.S.) works for any year and automatically calculates the U.S. Holidays. The Custom Calendar – 2013 (Tamil) displays the Tamil Nadu Government holidays for 2013. Both templates allowed a lot of flexibility such as starting your week with any day and entering up to 100 of your personal events.

I am now publishing a calendar template which I am calling All-Purpose Calendar Maker. It can be used in any scenario (schools, companies, libraries, etc.) and any country (as it does not have any feature that is country specific). It has more flexibility: you can choose the weekend(s) as any day(s) of the week and you get to choose up to 5 different types of events (100 events – grouped in up to 5 types) you want to have displayed.

12 Month Calendar in Excel - Calendar Excel Template
12 Month Calendar in Excel – Calendar Excel Template


All purpose Calendar Maker Excel Template

(Excel 2007 or above for Windows; Excel 2011 or above for Mac)


  • Choice of two designs (12 month calendar on 1 page or a monthly calendar in 12 pages)
  • Works with any year after 1900
  • Start with any month
  • 12 Month calendar (12 months beginning with the month you choose)
  • Start the week with any day
  • Displays up to 100 of your personal events (nicely sorted)
  • Choice of up to 5 different types of events
  • Event dates are highlighted on the calendar
  • Each event type is highlighted with a different colour
  • Customizable Weekends: You chose which days of the week are usually non-working days or weekends. They will be highlighted in red font on the calendar
  • Readily printable
  • No Macros

For more features, please try Event Calendar Maker.

300 events & 1200 instances, 

12 Event Types, 15 color choices,

7 calendar designs (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

Handles 12 types of recurring events (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Nth Wkday of Mth, Last Wkday of Mth, Last Day of Mth, Nth Busn Day of Mth, etc.)


Step 1: Enter basic information


Calendar Excel Template – Step 1
  • Start Date 
    • Choose any date and your calendar will have 12 months beginning with the month of this Start Date
  • Starting Day of Week 
    • This allows you to start your week on any of the 7 days
  • Name 
    • This will be displayed on the calendar. For example, you can enter your organization name. 
Step 2: Set your Weekends
This option allows you to customize the weekends according to your needs. Choose ‘Yes’ if you would like a specific Nth weekday of a month to be considered as weekend day. 
Calendar Excel Template - Enter Weekends
Calendar Excel Template – Enter Weekends
For example, in the image above, all Sundays and all second Saturdays are considered as weekends. 
Step 3: Set up to 5 types of events
You can enter your own (up to 100) events that will be displayed on the calendar. You also can group those under 5 buckets (types). First, you will enter the names for the Event types. There are 5 pre-chosen colours and the colour next to the Event type will be used to highlight the corresponding dates on the calendar. The order of these events will be used to prioritize when multiple events happen on the same day. This has been explained more later in this post.

Calendar Excel Template - Enter Event Types
Calendar Excel Template – Enter Event Types
In the image above, for a school scenario, I have chosen 5 event types: Holidays, Test Days, Birthdays, School Events and Homework Due.
Step 4: Enter up to 100 events
You can enter up to 100 events and these events will be highlighted on the calendar. You enter the name of the event, event date and event type. By choosing the event type, the dates will be colour-coded on the calendar according to what you chose in Step 3
Calendar Excel Template - Enter Events
Calendar Excel Template – Enter Events
Step 5: Choose a design
You can choose 1 page – 12 Month Calendar or 12 Pages – Monthly Calendar to view and print your calendar. The calendars are fully automated and do not require any further inputs. You can also export the calendars as PDFs and share. 
Calendar Excel Template - 12 Month Calendar
Calendar Excel Template – 12 Month Calendar
If there are multiple events on a day, all of them will be displayed on the event list. On the calendar itself, the higher priority colour-code will be applied. For example, in the screen shot, you can see that there are two events I Mid Term Test Ends (Test days) and Student 3 Birthday (Birthdays) on 17th November. The colour for Test days is used on the calendar since it’s higher than Birthdays on the list of event types. 
Calendar Excel Template - Monthly Calendar
Calendar Excel Template – Monthly Calendar
On the 12 pages (1 page for each month) Monthly calendar, up to five events will be displayed for a specific day on the calendar. The colour-coding of dates work the same way as in the 1 Page – 12 Month Calendar.
If you like the Calendar Excel Template, share it with others. If you would like to see any changes to the template, provide your feedback in the comments below.


  • Dear Sir,
    I am from Pakistan and utilizing your various template for my academy, so kindly intimate you have some template for student fee and teacher’s salary template.
    Azeem Afrasiyab Adv

    • Hello

      Do keep track of our new releases. We might come up with a similar template soon.

      Best wishes

  • Hello Indzara,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing template.

    Regards from Spain,

  • Hello Indzara
    Wonderful Calendar, works beautifully.
    I’m using the Calendar for work related jobs instead of Events. Can I change the name from events to a Customer’s Name? Or is there no editing?

    • Thank you. Yes, you can edit the sheets. If Password is needed, it is indzara. Best wishes.

  • Hello Indzara!

    I just like to thank you so much for all your efforts that you’ve done to create such a wonderful template and provided to the whole world for free .. You’re such a great man!
    I’m a university student, and I’m so happy to find and use your template to mange my timetable. I’m gonna have an organized university life from now on because of You 🙂

    I got a question regarding this wonderful template
    I’m trying to change the Highlighted color of the 5 Types of Events but, they never changed when i change the Fill Color of them .. any solution for this problem?

    Thank you so much again Indzara!

  • Hello, I was wondering how I can input customized events into the monthly calendar. I’m trying to create a calendar for my students so both myself and my students can be organized on a monthly basis. I tried to right click and unprotect the sheet but it requires a password and any modification to the calendar is read only. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hi Indzara,
    I was looking for a calendar events maker and yours is the closest one I can find to fit my needs.
    I am very much considering purchasing your premium version as I see that most of the things I need in a calendar can be found there and I am comforted with the fact that you are answering all of the people leaving a comment here and actually helping them use your free version. My boss won’t let me purchase anything for a calendar, so while I am still in search for other options at the moment, I just wanted to leave this message because I am moved with how much you help others even if they are only using your free version. Thank you. You make a difference in the world.

    • Thank you. I am just glad that I can be of some help. Regardless of whether it is a free download or paid, if someone benefits from my products, it gives me immense satisfaction. For those whose needs are met by the free version, they should use the free one.

      Comments like yours provide invaluable motivation to me. Without such support, I will not be able to continue doing what I do.

      Thank you & Best wishes,

  • How can I add the same monthly meeting with out having to type them in 12 times.

  • I plan to purchase your product, but before I do, have you address the limitations regarding only 5 events per day? I will need at least 8 events per day and quite possibly up to 10? Also, if I have 8-10 events per business day, that over 160 events per month.

    • Hello Charles,
      The product Event Calendar Maker will display only 5 events per day in the monthly calendar view. In the annual calendar view it can list 200 events. In the next upgrade (planned for September), displaying 10 events per day is planned to be added.
      Hope this helps. Please let me know if there are any questions.

  • Hi Indzara;
    Tqvm for sharing this great calendar. I noticed that some months, a get an empty row ( row 6). I would like to use your template to print monthly calendar for my planner. Removing the empty row and increasing the heights for the row would be very useful.

    • You are welcome.
      Since the template is built to capture all possible scenarios, there are six rows. Removing a row would mean that some months will not be complete. If you would like to edit the row height or other formats, please unlock the calendar using the word ‘indzara’.

  • Hi Indzara
    I would like to find out as to how to export my calendar to Outlook and set constant reminders 2 or 3 months before each event takes place.

    Kindly advise


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