Combinations Generator Excel Template 2023 – Free

A few months ago, I published a video (on YouTube) on how to create combinations of values in 2 lists. There have been requests to expand that to more than just 2 lists. So, here we go. I updated the formulas to accommodate 6 lists and made it into an easy-to-use free template.

Combinations Generator Excel Template
Combinations Generator Excel Template

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How to create combinations in Excel?

This Excel Combinations Generator is one of the simplest templates published on

Just enter your values in each list (max 6) and see the combinations automatically calculated and displayed.

Combinations Generator Excel Template
Combination Excel Generator Template

You can also change the separator (character that separates the values in the concatenated string of values)

When entering data, ensure the following are avoided

  • No blank values in the middle of any list
  • Enter lists sequentially (eg. please do not enter list 6 when list 5 is empty)

Video Demo


  • You can enter up to 6 lists
  • 500 combinations are supported by default. The formulas are hidden in the HELP sheet. You are welcome to edit and expand to more combinations if needed.

For more functionality, please try our Combinations Generator toolkit

  • Single List: N = 20, R = 7
  • Multi-List: 10 lists, 20 items in each list


  • I need combinations with larger than 500 results. I see that I can change this in the HELP sheet, but I am having trouble locating the HELP sheet.

    • Thank you for showing interest in our template.

      The help sheet is hidden. You can right-click the tab name and click unhide to unhide the help sheet and expand the formulas more than 500 rows to increase the limit. If you are still facing issue, please write to for pictorial information on the procedure.

      Best wishes.

  • Hi
    I am looking for sum combinations of 15-20 unique numbers.
    are you able to make a customise sum combination generator

    • Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Please share sample input numbers and sample list of output required in an excel sheet to to check further.

      Best wishes.


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