Task Manager 2023 – A to-do list in Excel

The purpose of the Task Manager Excel template is to assist in remembering tasks that need to be done. This checklist template could be used by anyone who needs to keep track of tasks (one-time or recurring) and avoid forgetting them in a busy daily life.

To Do List Template - Dashboard
To Do List Template – Dashboard

The Task Manager template performs the following functions:

  • Allows entry of tasks
  • Allows marking tasks as completed
  • Shows the tasks that are pending (past due dates)
  • Shows 5-day schedule with tasks
  • Displays a monthly calendar for reference
  • Printable sheet with pending tasks and upcoming tasks for 5-days

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Benefits of Task Manager Excel template

  • Handles 6 different types of tasks
    • One-time, Daily, Weekdays, Weekly, Monthly and Every 4 Wks
  • Monthly calendar shows the calendar for any month in any year you choose
  • 5-day schedule allows viewing the schedule for the next 30 days (5 days at a time)
  • Errors will be displayed in the message board when any of the following is true
    • There is a blank Task Name
    • There is a blank Task Type
    • There is a blank Due Date
    • There is a blank Number of occurrences
    • There are duplicate task names

For more advanced features, please see Task Manager (Advanced) Excel Template

Video Demo

Using the To-do list template in Excel

There are two worksheets.

Introduction: This gives an overview of the template.

Task Manager: This is the worksheet where Task Manager functions. This has three sections: Table 1 (Entering tasks), Table 2 (Updating tasks) and Dashboard.

Entering Tasks

Enter information about tasks in Table 1 (columns B, C, D and E)

Enter Tasks to Do in To-Do List template
Enter Tasks to Do in To-Do List template

View Dashboard

To Do List Template - Dashboard
To Do List Template – Dashboard
  • Message Board
    • Errors will be displayed in the message board when you have a blank Task Name, blank Task Type, blank Due Date or a blank Number of occurrences.
    • Error is also displayed if there are duplicate task names.
  • Pending Tasks
    • Displays up to 5 pending tasks as of today
  • Calendar for Reference
    • Provides monthly calendar for any year and month you choose
    • Can be helpful when you are planning your tasks
  • 5-day Schedule
    • Allows you to see schedule for next 30 days, 5 days at a time
    • You can also see the schedule for past 10 days, 5 days at a time
    • Displays the number of tasks, number of completed tasks and number of pending tasks for the chosen 5 days.
    • Completed tasks appear in the schedule with check marks, for easier identification
Calendar Schedule of things to do
Calendar Schedule of things to do

Updating Tasks

  • To update tasks, go to Table 2
  • Enter information in columns B, C, D and E
    • Update the Completed column (Column D) with Yes or Skip. Yes, if you have completed the task. Skip, if you did not complete the task and don’t plan to do it.
Update Tasks Done in To-Do List Template
Update Tasks Done in To-Do List Template

Printing Schedule

  • Click File –> Print –> Print
    • The print area has been set up already for the schedule to be printed

Adding new tasks when the task list is full

  • Delete any old tasks in Table 1 if not needed anymore.
  • Enter information about new task instead in the same place.
  • Note that schedule will display only the tasks that are in Table 1.


  • Only 20 different tasks can be entered at a time
  • Each task can have a maximum of 12 occurrences
  • Leading to a maximum of 240 task occurrences in total
  • Schedule shows only 7 task occurrences on one day, even if there are actually more. The information is stored but is just not displayed.
  • Displays only top 5 Pending Tasks at a time even if there are actually more. The information is stored but is just not displayed.

I hope you find this useful in getting your tasks done without fail. Please share your feedback via the comments below.

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  • Hi there,

    I already downloaded it and tried. all table works very well.
    however, on the Pending task dashboard section where it suppose to display a minimum of 5 tasks and the name of the task, it doesn’t!

    It should be automatically filled whenever i put a task on table 1 right?

    • Thanks.
      Are the due dates of the tasks in the past or future? If they are in the past, the dashboard should display. Please email me the file I will be glad to look into it. Thanks.

  • hi i have downloaded the task manager for my mac and i found it says it is not suitable for 2011 excel only read only format pls help

  • Hi, is there a way to edit or change the task type in Task Manager (Excel template).

    thank you

    Awaiting your reply.

    Best regards,

    • You can unlock the sheets using the password indzara. Then you can edit as needed. There would be multiple formulas that need to be modified depending on what change you are planning to make. Best wishes.

  • Hi ! Thank you for your task manager, i love it but i have one question how can i do if i my task full over 23 task and i want keep it all my report on table 1 what can i do ?

  • Unfortunately it doesn’t work on Office for Mac 2011. Can we do something ?


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