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Welcome to the hub for free Excel template downloads that are simple to use and effective at solving needs in business and home. 

You would need Microsoft Excel to use these templates. Most templates are compatible with Excel 2010 (or above) for Windows and Excel 2011 (or above) for Mac. However, newer templates require Microsoft Excel 2016 and some like our Stock Market templates require Microsoft 365 subscription.

Each excel template free download has detailed documentation with screenshots and video demos. You can easily get started and instantly benefit. If there are any questions, please post them as comments in the corresponding template page. Your feedback is invaluable and helps me improve the templates so that more people can benefit.

To find the template you are looking for, please see the free templates categorized under Small Business Management, Project Management, HR, Calendars, Data Visualization, Personal Finance and School.

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Small Business Management Excel Templates

Free Sale Quotation Builder Excel Template

Sales Quotation 2023 – Free Excel Template

You can use this template to create quotations for your customers, informing them about how much it will cost for the products and services you provide to the customer. There is no limit to the number of quotations and the best thing is you can save all your quotations within one excel file.

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Free Property Rental Recipts Excel Template

Property Rental Receipt 2023 – Free Excel Download

Download Free Property Rental Receipts Template to create simple and effective receipts for your property rental business. Store all your property details, agreements, and receipts. Manage them all in one Excel file. Print invoices or export them to PDF and share them with customers.

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Free Packing Slip Generator Excel Template

Packing Slip 2023 – Free Excel Template

Download this Free Packing Slip Excel Template to make the communication between the seller and the warehouse much simpler. You can also store product and customer details to create unlimited packaging slips and manage them all in one file.

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Human Resources Excel Templates

Project Management Excel Templates

Task Manager Excel Template

Task Manager 2023 – A to-do list in Excel

Download this free Excel Template to assist in remembering tasks that need to be done. This template also provides a monthly calendar for reference and print sheet with pending tasks and upcoming tasks. This template handles 6 different tasks and supports updating them.

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Data Visualization & Analytics Excel Templates

Calendar Excel Templates

School/Education Excel Templates

Student Report Card Excel Template

Report Card – Basic (Free Excel Template)

Download this free Excel template to automate the creation of student report cards and provide meaningful academic performance information to teachers and instructors, with minimal effort. It contains Class view, Subject view & Student view.

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Personal Finance Excel Templates

Stock Market Excel Templates


  • Hello

    Thank you for the great templates. They are very helpful.
    I was wondering if it is possible to have the dashboard in the employee leave tracker show the whole year instead of a month by month. Could I maybe include a macro?
    I would appreciate if you can help me out with that.

    • Thank you for showing interest in our template.

      Following are the steps to expand the same:

      1. Unprotect the template using the password indzara
      2. Add 335 columns between monthly summary and calendar.
      3. Change the AG7 formula to = AF7+1.
      4. Then select AG6 to AG37 along with the newly added columns.
      5. Press CTRL+R to duplicate the formulas present in Column AG6 to AG37 to the newly added columns.
      6. Protect the sheet again to ensure the formulas are not edited accidently.

      Best wishes.

  • Dear Sir,
    Would like to request you for the heat map of Himachal Pradesh, would be really thankful for the same.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Thank you for showing interest in our template and thank you for sharing your input.

      We will check the same and add it to our future endeavors.

      Best wishes.

    • Thank you for showing interest in our template.

      Most of our template can be uploaded in Microsoft OneDrive and use Excel Online to view/edit the template.

      Best wishes.

  • are you all hope to release chqe printing and voucher printing software

  • Dear sir
    How many sheet could be created in a excell work book. ie-in quotation template

    • Thank you for showing interest in our template.

      There is no limit on the number of sheets that the template can hold. It depends on your system performance to handle the load.

      Best wishes.


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