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Welcome to the hub for free Excel templates that are simple to use and effective at solving needs in business and home. You would need Microsoft Excel to use these templates. Most templates are compatible with Excel 2010  (or above) for Windows and Excel 2011 (or above) for Mac. However, newer templates require Microsoft Excel 2016 and some like our Stock Market templates require Microsoft 365 subscription.

Each template has detailed documentation with screenshots and video demos. You can easily get started and instantly benefit. If there are any questions, please post them as comments in the corresponding template page. Your feedback is invaluable and helps me improve the templates so that more people can benefit.

To find the template you are looking for, please see the free templates categorized under Small Business Management, Project Management, HR, Calendars, Data Visualization, Personal Finance and School.

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Stock Market Excel Templates


  • Hello Sir,
    Thanks for your free and usefull templates.
    Your free templates are protected with password. Is it possible to share the passwords with us?

    • Thanks for your feedback.
      The password is indzara. Please let us know if any questions.
      Best wishes.

  • Looking for a Building Society monthly billing and yearly balance sheet accounting templates….

  • Dear Sir,
    Very excellent template you created “Report Card”. My needs are really met. However, I have two questions that I would like to ask.
    1. How do I increase the students class list to 800 or more as my school has many classes and; S
    Secondly, could you make the final mark into letters like A B C D E F instead of percentage?


    • Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback.

      There are multiple modifications that has to be done to increase the student list and defining the mark as ABCDEF instead of percentage.

      I also would like to inform you that we take customization projects for additional fee. Requesting to share your requirement with the calculation method used to calculate the average of ABCDEF.

      Best wishes.


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